Lisa's Introduction

COVID-19 Recording Project, "Eine Kleine Mitternachtmusik (A Little Midnight Music)"

During the Coronavirus shut-in, Lisa was in need of an artistic outlet, so she began a recording project of George Crumb's beautiful and haunting "Eine Kleine Mitternachtmusik (A Little Midnight Music)".  Lisa recorded one movement each day, 9 movements, 9 days.  Here is her brief introduction. 

Day I, Mvt I "Nocturnal Theme"

Here is the video of movement 1, Nocturnal Theme.  Look for the home-made "Yarn Mallet".  Due to the shut-in, unable to borrow a yarn mallet,  Lisa had to create her own out of a piano tuning wrench. 

Day 2, Mvt II "Charade"

Day 3, Mvt III "Premonition"

Day 4, Mvt IV "Cobweb and Peaseblossom (Scherzo)"

Day 5, Mvt V "Incantation"

Day 6, Mvt VI "Golliwog Revisited"

This fun movement is a take on Debussy's "Golliwog's Cakewalk" from "Children's Corner"

Day 7, Mvt VII "Blues in the Night"

Day 8, Mvt VIII "Cadenza with Tolling Bells"

Listen to this fascinating movement with Lisa shouting and whispering the countdown to midnight in Italian!

Day 9, Mvt XI "Midnight Transformation"

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