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"It is my belief that music can be a life long passion for my students as it is for me."    Lisa Emenheiser Sarratt   

"There is nothing more difficult than communicating enthusiasm to a young person.  Lisa is among the most successful at producing a high level of musicianship and personality from her young students."                 Leonard Slatkin                

Steinway Teacher Hall of Fame.JPG

Lisa's philosophy is to keep her teaching fun and creative.  Her goal is for her students to love music, and to progress to the very best of their ability.   Lisa is a member of numerous teaching organizations, including both local and national groups such as MTNA, NVMTA, WMTA, and MSMTA. Her students have competed with excellence in many local, national, and international competitions.  Many have continued with their musical studies in universities and conservatories.  Click on the link above to see her student achievements.

Currently she has 4 students who come to her Loudoun County house for weekly lessons.  Lisa is the happy owner of two Steinway pianos, having recently purchased a second new Steinway Model "A".  These instruments complement one another beautifully, and Lisa is thrilled to be the happy owner of "twins".  Also available in her studio is a stunning Hubbard Flemish style single manual harpsichord, built by her husband.  You can see these instruments in this photo of Lisa's studio.


At this time Lisa is not accepting any new students. 

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