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Steinway Pianos


Are you in the market for a new piano?  If so, start at the top.   I firmly believe Steinway is an unparalleled investment.  Steinway instruments will continue to live on for many years.  You will never regret purchasing the very best.  To quote myself as a Steinway and Spirio Artist: "For over forty years and countless venues, Steinway has been my personal bridge to universal communication.  Its consistent rich sounds and expressive touch is my ultimate vehicle in expressing myself as a pianist."

Steinway Piano Gallery


 I recently purchased my second new Model A Steinway at Steinway Piano Gallery in North Bethesda, MD.  They have an extensive collection of incredible instruments.  The quality of service and of course the quality of pianos is unsurpassed.  Jenny Hung took excellent care of me.  It is very exciting for me and my students to have these exquisite Steinway "twins", and the fulfillment of a dream come true for me. 

Matthew Pearson

Matthew Pearson.jpeg

Matthew Pearson is a fabulous technician.   I heartily recommend him for all of your piano service needs.  He is chief piano technician at the Kennedy Center and is one of the most skilled technicians in the nation.   

Lewis Piano Movers


This company has moved several grand pianos for me, and they were reliable, respectful, and did a wonderful job.

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