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Lisa performs with the 21st Century Consort in this exciting recording of music by Stephen Albert, Christopher Patton, and James Primosch.  Recorded at the National Cathedral, American Record Guide reviews "Two things struck me immediately.  One is that while Washington's National Cathedral might seem a cavernous, hyper-reverberant setting for such a concert, the Albany engineers came up with a rich, clear sound...the other is the Maestro Kendall's ensemble made up of National Symphony musicians and several high quality DC-are free-lancers is a fine one." 

"Julius Baker's partnership with pianist Lisa Emenheiser is ideal. She is a flexible  accompanist with a sound as beautiful as Baker's. She echoes every nuance,  follows every twist of phrase, and allows Baker complete freedom to be  expressive, perceptive, indulgent and spontaneous."  

           Elaine Fine,  American Record Guide

Julius Baker was arguably the most influential and certainly the most recorded orchestral flutist in the world.  The renowned French flutist and pedagogue Marcel Moyse, once said of him, “Nobody in France plays like Julius Baker, no one!”  This CD is a live 1982 recording of Julius and Lisa in recital.  Works include the Czerny “Duo Concertante”, Franck “Sonata in A”, Poulenc “Sonata for Flute and Piano” and Muczynski “Sonata for Flute and Piano”. 

This CD is a re-release of some of the works featured in the “Julius Baker in Recital” CD listed above.  Additional works include Mozart “Flute Sonata KV13 and Bizet “Fantasie brilliant sur Carmen”.  


Imagine being able to sing some of the greatest operatic arias in church. Thanks to the creative team of lyricist, William K. Brehm, with text adaptation by Loretta Giles, that dream is now a reality. Committed to detail and exacting excellence, this duo has created a stunning collection of much-loved operatic arias from the pens of Puccini, Mozart, Purcell, Wagner, Rachmaninoff and others, but the lyrics are sacred taken from both Old and New Testament texts. This sheet music is available for purchase and includes a CD of piano tracks.  It is available for both Medium-High Voice and Medium-Low voice.  Lisa recorded many of the piano tracks for this CD.


Bill Brehm's collection of seven piano compositions comprises six studies that he wrote for his  children and grandchildren (hence, their titles) and his ‘Inauguration Suite’ (in four movements) that he composed for the ceremony inaugurating the fourth president of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena California. The six studies are in classical style, ranging from Bach to Strauss; the Suite is more typical of the 20th Century in style and form.  Lisa recorded these beautiful pieces in 2009.   They are not available for purchase, but you will enjoy listening!


Here is a quote from Huffinton Post of this new CD: "...the music is eclectic, as there are many influences: plainchant, expressionism and folk songs are a few. Yet this is an integrated eclecticism, where the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts, and all is formed into a widely (this is important) expressive language, one that has a basis in tonal relationships, but that can be abundantly clear or mysterious. It is hard for some composers to know when to stop or be quiet, but Primosch gauges that well in these works. The pacing is elegant, movements are never too long or over stay their material, and the balancing of movements is delicate and done with assurance. ”   Lisa performs as a member of the 21st Century Consort.

"Opus 3 Trio played with polish and finesse and with a unanimity that did not submerge their individuality."  

    Joseph McLellan, The Washington Post


The Opus 3 Trio was founded in 1990 by David Hardy, Lisa Emenheiser and Charles Wetherbee.  Their aim is to present varied programs to chamber music audiences with special emphasis on contemporary repertoire and newly commissioned works.  "Projects for a New Millennium" is a compilation of works commissioned by Opus 3 and includes compositions by David Froom, William Averitt, Maiko Chiba, Jeffrey Mumford, and Lawrence Moss.  

"The performance, secure and balanced, projected a sense of commitment to the music's integrity.  ...this ensemble's special strength-the ability to allow music to move with a sense of compelling momentum, and a spacious leisure that made everything played sound inevitable."

                               The Washington Post

"Opus 3" includes trios by Haydn, Faure, and Schoenfield. This represents the first CD Opus 3 produced.  Enjoy listening to this beautiful music. The raucous "Cafe Music" will get you dancing!

Jonathan Leshnoff is one of the most exciting voices in contemporary American music, and his lyricism is accompanied by vibrant expressive qualities.  "Cosmic Variations on a Haunted Theme" was written for Opus 3 Trio in 2003.  Leshnoff incorporates short thematic motifs and creates an absorbing score of instrumental color alternating between hints of Bach-like chorales and Bartók-inspired drama.

This is exciting CD is comprised of music by American Pulitzer Prize winner Joseph Schwantner.  Evelyn Glennie is percussion soloist in “Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra” and Vernon Jordan is narrator in “New Music for the World”.  Lisa was orchestral keyboardist in this recording by the National Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Leonard Slatkin.

Recorded by the National Symphony Orchestra in 2000, this is a CD of music by composer Michael Kamen.  Kamen’s music manages to bridge the gap between the classical and pop worlds.  He is famous mostly for his film scores.  Lisa is orchestral pianist in “New Moon” , described as his first classical symphony.  It is beautiful symphonic poem inspired by the history of the Anasazi people.  Also on this CD is “Mr. Holland’s Opus-An American Symphony”.  


David Froom's music will keep you on the edge of your seat trying to guess what will happen next. The works on this disc are diverse, but share a common concern for subverting expectations. So writes composer Eric Moe about David Froom, born in 1951. Froom says that he revels in a world where the new can embrace any aspect of a readily available past , and indeed, Brahmsian gestures and sonorities, Stravinskian rhythms and dislocations, Reichian drive and repetition, and bebop riffs and syncopations all coexist here, forged into one distinctive voice.  Lisa performs with the 21st Century Consort in “Fantasy Dances”.




David Froom’s music has been described as “intensely dramatic yet deeply formal”, “intellectually engaging, explosive with imagination and with a satisfying visceral power”.  Lisa performs with the 21st Century Consort in “Quintet for Oboe, Strings, and Piano”.


This CD presents three major works by composer Nicholas Maw.  His music has been described as neo-romantic.  Lisa performs as pianist for the 21st Century Consort in the dreamy and fantastical “Ghost Dances”.  Don’t miss out on this exciting recording.

Lisa and Eugenia did much concertizing when Lisa lived in New York.  Eugenia Zukerman is an amazing performer and author.  This recording was produced by Pro Arte Records but is unfortunately not available for purchase.  Listen to some of the music, and you will want to hear more of this fabulous flutist, Eugenia Zukerman.  For other recordings by Eugenia Zukerman, visit Amazon and iTunes.  


This CD features music by Stephen Jaffe.  Lisa performs with the 21st Century Consort in the beautiful masterpiece, “Homage to the Breath”.  The theme here is a breath, and will leave you quite moved.  

Comprised of music by the Japanese composer, Maiko Chiba, Lisa is featured along with Opus 3 Trio in “On a Field of Wintry Glass”.  Washington Post reviewed this work, On a Field of Wintry Glass revealed a composer with an ear for delicate mixtures and carefully calibrated sonorities.  In a single 12-minute movement, the music moved with a measured deliberateness, its carefully positioned dissonances serene and uncontrived.”  This work is also available on the Millennium CD which is comprised of works commissioned by Opus 3 Trio.

This CD represents four commissioned chamber works by composer Henri Lazarof.  Lisa is performing in the Suite of Solo Percussion and Five Instrumentalists, commissioned by the 21st Century Consort.   Lazarof’s music is difficult to describe, neither tonal nor non-tonal.  The Suite is non-tonal, but still light and charming.  It offers a wide range of colors.  


Recorded in 2001, this CD features flutist Christine Gustafson in music by living composers.  Lisa is pianist for Stephen Jaffe’s “Introduction and the Ground” , Ken Kreuzer’s “An American Suite”, and “The Reflection of the Flute” by Hong Qian-Hui. 


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