Angela (Angie) Zhang is an 11th grader and has studied music for 11 years. This is her fifth year as a student of Lisa Emenheiser Sarratt. Angie has won awards and scholarships in numerous piano competitions, including first place at the MSMTA Miriam Shields Gottlieb Memorial Piano Competition, the NVMTA Robert Spencer Concerto Competition, the NVMTA Piano Achievement Awards Competition, the WMTA Hungarian Piano Competition, and the WMTA Viola Hartman Piano Performance Awards. Angie was invited to perform at the Embassy of Hungary and Young Artists’ Musicales multiple times. She has also performed at the Embassy of France after being awarded second place and the Best Performance of a French Work prize at the Steinway & Sons Washington Piano Competition. Angie’s passion for music also includes playing chamber music and performing with orchestras. She was invited to perform a concert with the Amadeus Orchestra. Furthermore, as a participant of the National Symphony Orchestra Youth Fellowship Program, she has performed on the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage and in the National Institutes of Health Atrium. Angie believes that music is meant to be shared with others to ignite hope and joy. She volunteers regularly at nursing homes as a member of the Tacy Foundation. Besides playing the piano, Angie also enjoys gardening, baking, and rocketry.


Yuting Liu is 13 years old, and she has been playing piano for eight years now.  It is her third year studying with Mrs. Sarratt.  In previous years she won second and third place for the NVMTA Concerto Festival, and was selected for the NVMTA Sonata Festival Honors recital. She received Honorable Mention twice at the MSMTA piano solo festival, and was selected for the second round in the NVMTA Bach festival twice. Recently Yuting received Honors in the NVMTA Judged Recital, and was awarded third place in the WMTA Specialty Competition.  Apart from piano, she loves skiing, reading, hiking, and biking. She looks forward to another year of learning with Mrs. Sarratt!


Albert Xu is an 8th grader, and he joined Mrs. Sarratt’s studio in 2021. His past achievements include second place in the 2021 NVMTA Achievement Awards, first place in the WMTA Viola Hartman Competition and the NVMTA Concerto Festival, Honorable Mention in the Northern Virginia District Auditions, and the honors recital in the NVMTA Bach Baroque Competition.  He also has received awards in the NVMTA Sonata Festival, MSMTA Gottlieb Competition, MSMTA Solo Piano Festival, WMTA Hungarian Competition, William Knabe International Piano Competition, and George Mason Spring Music Competition. In addition to piano, he also enjoys playing the cello. He is enjoying studying the piano with Mrs. Sarratt.

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Caroline Su is a rising 7th grader.  She started her piano studies at the age of 6 and looks forward to her first year studying with Mrs. Sarratt.

Caroline has won many events such as first place in both 2021 and 2019 NVMTA Piano Achievement Awards, sixth Prize at 2021 Chopin International Competition, first place at 2019 AAMS International Competition,  first place at 2021 WMTA Viola Harman Awards, and awards at YMIC International Competition, William Knabe Piano Competition,  WMTA Hungarian Music Competition, and VMTA District Auditions.  In February 2020, Caroline made her debut performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

Caroline’s favorite composers are Bach, Beethoven and Chopin.  Caroline also enjoys math, writing, swimming and volleyball.   Playing music has greatly inspired Caroline’s drive to expressing herself via performing for others. 


Melissa Wu is a senior and has been studying with Lisa Emenheiser Sarratt for 6 years. Melissa has been a prizewinner in many competitions; most recently, she won first place in the WMTA Specialty Competition. She received first prize in the Alexandria Host James Bland Competition and Alternate in the MTNA Senior Performance Duet Competition with her duet partner Hana Wang. Melissa was also awarded second place in the American Protégé International Competition of Romantic Music and was accepted to the 2020 Summer Residential Governor's School for Visual and Performing Arts. She has been awarded many prizes in other competitions such as the Steinway Washington Piano Competition, NVMTA Concerto Competition, Knabe Young Artist Piano Competition, NVMTA Achievement Awards, VMTA District and State Auditions, MSMTA Gottlieb Competition, WMTA Bach Tselentis Competition, WMTA Specialty Music of the Americas Competition, and James Bland Music Competition. She has been awarded Honor’s for events such as NVMTA Judged Recitals, WMTA Judged Recitals, and NVMTA Sonata Festivals. She also volunteers with the Tacy Foundation, sharing her love for piano music with senior residents. Outside of piano, Melissa enjoys learning about computer science, international affairs, and Chinese culture through her extracurricular activities. She is also a part of student government and enjoys serving the school community by fundraising and planning events.


Lauren Joelle is an 11th grader and has been studying music under Mrs. Sarratt for 6 years. Lauren has competed in 7 recorded events and won awards in the WMTA Specialty Competition, NVMTA Bach Baroque Festival, NVMTA Judged Recital, and NVMTA District Auditions (Fall of 2020 & Spring of 2021). Additionally, Lauren was accepted into the NSO Youth Fellowship Program 2021-2022 by competitive audition; she is looking forward to being a part of a chamber ensemble—where she will have the opportunity to perform music alongside different instruments— as well as seeing how much she can mature as a musician through this program. Aside from competing, she enjoys recording contemporary and Disney music for the TACY Foundation, creating virtual concerts for the elderly in nursing homes and children in hospitals. Outside of her life as a classical pianist, Lauren loves to compose her own musical arrangements of a variety of things, ranging from film scores to Japanese animation soundtracks. When not involved in music, she loves to spend time with family and friends, watch movies, draw, and try new sports.   

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Amber is an 11th grader at Oakton High School and has been playing piano for 12 years. She has been a student of Lisa Emenheiser Sarratt for seven years. She has participated in many events in the past years, such as the NVMTA Judged Recital, WMTA Specialty Competition, NVMTA Bach Baroque Festival and Competition, WMTA Lichtenberg Competition, NVMTA Piano Achievement Awards, MSMTA Gottlieb Competition, NVMTA Sonata Festival, and more. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many competitions have been canceled or delayed, but this did not stop Amber from competing in online events. During COVID-19, Amber has gotten many awards in numerous events, such as second place in WMTA Speciality Competition, honorable mention for the WMTA Lichtenberg Competition and NVMTA Piano Achievement Awards, receiving the top award for the NVMTA Sonata Festival, honors for Bach Baroque Competition, and receiving honorable mention in Districts as well as honorable mention for 2021 Virtuoso International Competition. Besides the competitive aspect of playing the piano, Amber also enjoys playing music to the elderly in senior homes in a trio over the summer and using her music to spread joy. Outside of piano, Amber is also on the Oakton Dance Team. This past year, her team received 7th in the entire nation! During quarantine, Amber has also picked up some new hobbies. For instance, she enjoys building legos, crocheting, bullet journaling, watching Netflix, and baking. 


Sophia Go is in 11th grade and has been studying the piano for eleven years. She is looking forward to her fourth year of musical instruction and development with Ms. Sarratt. Sophia won the VMTA District Audition and was the Alternate in the VMTA State Audition in 2019. She was selected as the "Best Performance of a French Work" in the Steinway Competition in 2019 and performed at the Embassy of France and has received awards and honors at various WMTA, MSMTA, and NVMTA competitions and judged recitals. Sophia also plays the violin and has been part of the American Youth Philharmonic Orchestras since 6th grade. She had the honor of performing as a soloist with the AYCO in 2019 as the concerto competition winner for the year. Sophia also serves as an accompanist and performs in chamber groups with friends and family. In 2020, Sophia participated in the NSO Summer Music Institute and produced a video of the first movement of the Vaughan Williams Piano Quintet in C minor. Sophia also participated in the NSO Youth Fellows Chamber Program for 2020-2021 and recorded the Poulenc Sextet for Piano and Woodwind Quintet. Sophia regularly shares music with the elderly at retirement communities and nursing homes through her church and the Tacy Foundation. Apart from her studies and music, Sophia is a part of her high school Policy Debate team and enjoys hiking with her family and playing with her dog. 


My name is Jessica Chen, and I am 13 years old. This is my sixth year studying piano with Mrs. Sarratt, and I enjoy studying music with her!  I have been the first place winner of numerous events including the VMTA State Auditions, NVMTA District Auditions, Viola Hartman Performance Awards, NVMTA Achievement Awards, and WMTA Raissa Tselentis Bach Competition. In addition, I was selected as one of the seven finalists in the Robert and Frances Allen Young Artist Competition. I also earned third place in the NVMTA Robert Spencer Concerto Competition, second in the WMTA Haydn Sonata Competition, and Honors in the WMTA Judged Recital, the NVMTA Judged Recital, and the NVMTA Sonata Festival. I was invited to perform in "Young Artist Musicales" at the George Mason University Center for the Performing Arts.  Besides piano, I enjoy drawing, reading, and playing soccer. I play on a travel soccer team, and we have placed as winners and finalists multiple times. In school, my favorite subject is math, and this year, I won first place in the MathCounts Chapter Competition.


Wilson Chen is an 11th grader. He has been studying with Mrs. Sarratt since summer of 2015, and he really enjoys his piano lessons. Wilson has participated with excellence in numerous competitions at regional and state competitions, including the Robert Spencer Concerto Competition, the MSMTA Gertrude S. Brown Memorial Concerto Competition, MSMTA Elizabeth Davis Memorial Piano Competition, the MTNA Junior Performance Competition, the Steinway Competition, the NVMTA District Auditions, Piano Achievements, the Bland Competition, the MSMTA Gottlieb competition, the WMTA Viola Hartman awards competition, the NVMTA Sonata Festival. He has been invited to perform at the Embassy of Hungary twice as a top winner in the WMTA Bi-Annual Bartok Piano Competition. As a first place winner, he was also invited to perform with the New England Youth Ensemble of Washington Adventist University at Peters Music Center. Wilson believes that music is meant to be shared with others, and volunteers regularly at elderly homes as a member of the Tacy Foundation. Besides piano, Wilson is an avid participant in math competitions, playing baseball, and computer science. He is eager to keep playing the piano and is looking forward to another great year of studying under Mrs. Sarratt.